You’re Invited to Give Oct. 21

Men of the Northern Illinois Conference,

I’d like to remind you of the upcoming GIVE DAY for the General Commission United Methodist Men (GCUMM) on October 21. 

United Methodist Men is expanding its mission to enable all men and all youth to have an on-growing relationship with Jesus Christ. As we cast nets in new waters, we are re-tooling our skills-sets to reach younger and more diverse men. As we are expanding our resources for transformational small group experiences, churches are finding a treasury of life-enriching outcomes. Additional funds are needed to develop these new resources that will expand spiritual-enrichment opportunities throughout the world. To meet these needs, we need to expand our circle of support.  As such Give Day, October 21, is a one-day gifting opportunity to provide financial support for men’s and scouting ministries throughout all levels of our church.

There are three ways to give on October 21st.

• Electronically: 12:00 A.M. to Midnight (Central Time) [Can be used anytime now and thru Oct. 21]

  • Online:
  • Cell Phone:  Text “UMMen” to 44321, then donate through the secure link in the reply.

• Toll-free Number (1-866-297-4312)  [5:00 A.M. to Midnight (Central Time) on Monday October 21.]

• Direct Mail: P.O. Box 440515, Nashville, TN. 37244

The Center for Men’s Ministries has challenged United Methodist Men to raise $100,000 or more. This money will be used to provide new UMM resources for 2020.  This is a national effort.  The second part of this challenge is that we invite all men of our churches and local units to participate.  Also include friends and unchurched in this effort which will help create interest in your men’s ministry.  Our goal is to have 200+ donors from the Northern Illinois Conference.

I’d like to stress the importance of this national GIVE DAY.   Ministry costs money, and this event is a way for the national Center for Men’s Ministry and Center for Scouting Ministries raise the needed funds to develop new materials and relationships to move these ministries forward.  It is simple to make a donation – I’ve already donated by texting UMMen to 44321, filling out the online form – took less than 5 minutes.  I pray you will join me in making a special donation for these needed ministries.  And get men (and women) from your church to support us also.

George Groves

NICUMM Conference President

(630) 742-0051 (cell)