Society of John Wesley

The Society of John Wesley is a fellowship of individuals committed to the support and expansion of United Methodist Men’s ministries.

Fellows in the Society of John Wesley are known by their witness, vision and stewardship that enhance and strengthen the mission and ministry of the church. The society was created by the United Methodist Men Foundation to promote greater awareness of the Christian principles and practices embodied in the church.

Established in 1982 by the directors of the United Methodist Men Foundation, the Society of John Wesley is a means of recognizing those who exemplify the characteristics of John Wesley. These characteristics are best seen through service to fellow men and women and commitment to the teachings of the Christian faith. John Wesley called together such people to form “The Holy Club.” These men with varying talents and skills contributed to the rapid growth and spiritual enrichment of early Methodism.

How to become a Fellow in the 
Society of John Wesley

There are two ways a person can become a fellow in the Society of John Wesley:

  1. Join the society by personally making a $1,000 gift to the foundation, or
  2. Recognize someone who has given Christian leadership to the ministry of the United Methodist Church over an extended period of time.

Individual do not need to be United Methodists to join or be recognized.

Suggestions of who might be recognized:

United Methodist men Scout leaders
United Methodist women Youth leaders
Pastors Conference leaders
District superintendents Leaders of other faith communities
Bishops Anyone who has influenced your Christian walk

Complete this form and forward with a check for $1,000 payable to

UMM Foundation
P.O. Box 340006
Nashville TN 37203-0006